Pastelaria Beira Gare – lunch for every budget

Around the corner of Rossio square, just opposite Rossio train station, you can find Pastelaria Beira Gare. From the sidewalk you can see the cheerful waiters behind the bar doing their thing. In front of the window the cooks prepare the salgados (savory pastries) and sandwiches.

Pastelaria Beira Gare near Rossio station, Lisbon

You can visit Pastelaria Beira Gare for a delicious lunch, but it is especially a must go for their delicious savory pastries.

Beira Gare front

Plenty of salgados

There are many types of flavors of salgados in Portugal. To help you on your way, here’s a short overview of the types of pastries you can get at Pastelaria Beira Gare.

Crepe (kind of spring rolls with vegetables), chumosa (triangle-shaped pastry stuffed with chicken / curry), pastéis de camarão (shrimp) and pastéis de bacalhau (cod). All of them all equally tasty. If you happen to have a big appetite, take the bifana com pão (pork sandwich) or a prego (steak sandwich).

Like we said, Beira gare is also the place to be for lunch or diner. They have a pretty extensive menu, including sardines. From May onwards it is safe to order sardine again. Out of season they’ll serve you canned sardines and those are not so good – this applies to all restaurants by the way. The items on the menu are simple but effective. The traditional Portuguese meat and fish dishes are well represented.

Beira Gare interior

Perfect for a small budget

When you’re on a budget, this restaurant is all for you. Two meals with drinks (water and ½ bottle of wine) set us back less than 30 euros (about £25). Not only is Beira Gare budget friendly, this place also attracts a lot of locals. Even though more and more tourists come here, this is still one of the best kept secrets of Lisbon.

Where to find Beira Gare

Adress:Praça Dom João da Câmara 4, Baixa
Openings Hours: Monday to Saturday: 06:00 – 00:30h.

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