O Viriato – Cascais’ living room

Restaurant O Viriato is a bit off the beaten track if you’re staying in the city centre of Cascais. But with an uphill walk of just about 8 minutes you’re there, prepared to make a choice from the most delicious dishes.
Restaurant O Viriato - ingang
O Viriato is one of our regular places when we’re in Cascais for lunch or dinner. It seems as if time stood still here. It doesn’t matter when we come here, it always feels like coming home.

Large living room

What strikes you right away is that it is certainly a typical Portuguese restaurant, with the traditional menu that comes with it. But there is no bright fluorescent lighting and the television set isn’t on either.
Restaurant O Viriato - restaurant
photo: O Viriato

The waiters are elderly men and do their utmost to understand the Portuguese of a tourist or to express themselves as well as possible in English. This is a traditional Portuguese restaurant, in the most classic way possible.

Delicious food

The one dish I always order here is Carne de Porco Alentejana. I think it was here that I had it for the first time in a restaurant. Actually, I never want it to be different when I sit down at one of the tables here.

Restaurant O Viriato - carne de porco
The rest of the family is more diverse in their choices: bitoque and secreto porco are brilliant, but an omelette and shrimps are equally delicious here. The homemade sardine pâté and the bread and butter you get on the table in advance are all very tasty.

If you still have room for dessert after all the delicious food, we definitely recommend the mousse de chocolate and Bolo de Bolacha. They’re both glorious!

Restaurant O Viriato - bolo de bolancha

Prices average around €15 (£13) per person for a main course including dessert, wine and coffee.

Where to find O Viriato

Address: Av. Vasco da Gama 34, Cascais
Opening hours: every day except Wednesday noon – 3:30 p.m. and 7 -11 p.m.

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