Mú Gelato Italiano – lactose and gluten-free ice cream

As we said earlier, there are so many ice cream shops in Lisbon, it is difficult to choose which we like best. All of them have brilliant products, including Mú Gelato Italiano.
Mú Gelato Italiano. Mu - in de winkel

Mú distinguishes itself from the other ice cream shops by being vegan friendly, by having gluten-free cones and more than 50 lactose and gluten-free flavours. And all that without compromising on flavour.

Italian roots

Marco Bauli – one of the owners, has Italian roots. His father and grandfather were confectioners, and luckily the passion for sweetness was passed on to Marco. Together with his wife Elena they run 2 locations of Mú in Lisbon.

Seasonal fruit

Just like most ice cream parlours, Mú mainly uses seasonal fruit. Fortunately, the weather in Lisbon is often nice and morango (strawberry) ice cream (our daughter’s favourite) is available all year round.

But most other flavours are also delicious, you’ll want to go for seconds. During a very hot day we had lime flavoured ice cream there, which was a very good choice combined with caramel sea salt.

mu met bord
There are many other types of ice such as figs, pistachio (which doesn’t look green here), chocolate ice cream, cinnamon, oreo, mango and kiwi with orange.


Mu - hoek van de straat
We went to get an ice cream in the little Mú. In this small ice cream parlour there is no possibility to have a seat, but with Jardim Príncipe Real across the road you can eat your ice cream under the tree in the park. There is another establishment that is much larger and where you can sit.

Where to find Mú Gelato Italiano

Address: Campo Martires da Patria 50, Interdente
Opening hours: every day 12:30 – 00:00

Address: Rua Dom Pedro V 145, Príncipe Real
Openingstijden: every day 13:30 – 10 p.m.

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