Restaurant Marisqueira Duna Mar – expensive but beautiful view

The location of restaurant Marisqueira Duna Mar is fantastic, from inside the place you have a beautiful view of the beach and the rocks of Praia do Magoito. If you come to eat here, expect a pricey bill and a somewhat long wait.

Restaurant Marisqueira Duna Mar, Magoito

The food is definitely tasty, but for Portuguese standards the prices are pretty steep. Surely that’s because of the location. The dishes look fantastic and best of all, they come straight from the kitchen, where mama is cooking.

When you also dig into the bread, olives and cheese that they put on your table at Marisqueira Duna Mar, expect a firm bill. The dishes are pricey, but the extras they serve you on arrival make the bill many times higher. This is normal in Portugal but especially at the more expensive places, it will add up.

Restaurant Marisqueira Duna Mar met strand Magoito

What to order?

We had Bife Portuguesa (steak Portuguese style) with homemade fries and white fish with mussels and prawns with rice. Our then 1 year old daughter was with us. The staff is very friendly but not very fast. If you want a quick lunch, don’t come here.

The staff is very child-friendly and I think they have the nicest baby chair that a baby or toddler could wish for. Our daughter sat on her throne like a princess, although het eating habits weren’t all that princess-like.

We had 2 main courses, half a liter of wine, 1 liter of water, 1 dessert and 2 coffee. All that amounted to around 60 euros (£55). Again, for Portuguese standards these prices are very high, although the food was very tasty. But we will probably not return here again. In the future we’ll bring our own sandwiches to the beach, or go somewhere else before or after the beach visit.

“No card!”

When you eat here, make sure you have enough cash with you. The restaurant has no option to pay by card, and the nearest ATM is in the village of Magoito – 5 minutes by car.

How to get to Marisqueira Duna Mar

Address: Estr. de Santa Maria 2, 2705 São João das Lampas, Portugal
Opening hours: Wednesday closed, every other day from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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