Ginginha do Carmo – a shot before you go up

In the mid 1930s, Ginginha do Carmo opened its doors for the first time to provide the locals with ginjinha.
Ginginha do Carmo - ingang
You will find this small bar at the beginning of the stairs of Calçada do Carmo. The narrow alley with many stairs that brings you to the district of Chiado used to be one of the few easy ways to get up from the Baixa.

From ginjinha bar to gambling house back to ginjinha bar

In the 1970s, the company changed management and became a gambling house. At least twenty years later, after having been empty for more than ten years, the space became available again and ideas arose to open Ginginha do Carmo at the same place.

In 2013, for the second time in history, Ginginha do Carmo opened its doors here and has become a popular place to have a ginjinha, both for locals and tourists alike.

Ginginha do Carmo - binnen
With its marble counter and floors, the little bar is very outdated, but that fits in perfectly with the overall atmosphere.


The ginjinha here is high in alcohol, which makes it a strong shot. We suspect that it has been distilled differently from the competition at Ginjinha Sem Rival or A Ginjinha, both of which are less than 500 meters away.
Ginginha do Carmo - ginginja
You can also get other drinks, such as water, coffee and tea, and soft drinks. But we strongly advise you to try the ginjinha here.
Ginginha do Carmo - quisque belem
Ginginha do Carmo also has a quiosque in Belém, if after a visit to all the historical highlights you still feel like having a drink then that’s the place to go.

Where to find Ginginha do Carmo

Address: Calçada do Carmo 37A, Baixa
Opening hours: Sunday through Wednesday noon – midnight | Thursday noon – 1 a.m. | Friday and Saturday noon – 2 a.m. hours

Address: Rua Vieira Portuense 1, Belém
Opening hours: every day 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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