Frankie – where hotdog enthusiasts gather

At Frankie you don’t just eat a hot dog. This is the place every hot dog lover in the world dreams about!

Frankie kassa en menu

Frankie is close to the university of Lisbon and you’ll notice that when you come here for a delicious hot dog.

Rush hour

There are always people coming to Frankie’s. But if you don’t arrive between 3 and 7 in the afternoon, Frankie can be quite noisy and crowded. And these students are definitely not wrong for coming here: the food is great, it is a nice place to sit and it is certainly not expensive.

Late afternoon and early evening there’s usually enough space to quietly eat your hot dog. You can sit in three different places: on the terrace in the open air, in the conservatory, or in the area at the entrance.

If you come with a child, there is a high chair that you can use.

Lots of choice, lots of flavors

There is so much choice here that we almost got stressed out. How do you choose the very best when they all look so delicious? Impossible!

Frankie lunchkaart en inrichting

The menu will help you choose the right hot dog. There are 10 different hot dogs and 2 types of wraps on the menu. For each hot dog there’s a description with the ingredients, whether they are spicy and, if you happen to have an allergy, which hot dog is the best fit for you.

And don’t worry, there’s a vegetarian hot dog with a vegetarian sauce.

Our choice

For our 3 year old daughter it was easy, we ordered the children’s menu with fries and drinks. We also ordered the Tagus – a hot dog with a fried egg on top. And we got the four finger dog, a hot dog with onion rings.

The fries at Frankie are nothing less than delicious – if you have a big appetite we suggest you order the fries covered in cheese. Trust us on this one!

Affordable hotdogs

All hot dogs are under 5 €. And if you decide to get the simplest one you’ll spend less than 3€.

We paid just under 15 € for a children’s menu, 2 hot dogs and drinks for everyone.

Corndog & desserts

Not a big appetite? Be sure to order a corndog. This classic dish can be ordered in many variations.

Still have room after the dogs? Frankie also serves desserts! You can choose from two different desserts each day.

Friendly service

Overall the service is very friendly and helpful. Even when it’s rush hour, your drinks will be on the table in no time.

Frankie hotdag ingang

A minus is that the toilets are not regularly cleaned. They can be pretty dirty. Even though Frankie is a child-friendly place there is no possibility to change your child on the toilet.

Near Campo Grande

Frankie is somewhat outside of the LIsbon city centre, but well worth a bit of a walk if you fancy a good hotdog. You can combine a visit to Frankie with a few hours in Jardim Campo Grande. This city park has a nice atmosphere. You will find many students there, but also Lisboetas who live in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Where to find Frankie

Address: Rua Dr. João Soares 8B, Campo Grande
Opening times: every day from 12:00 – 00:00

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