Fábrica da Nata – new kid in town

Fábrica da Nata is the new kid in town when it comes to pastéis de nata, and definitely a must visit! Since March 2016, this specialist in pastéis de nata has been opened in the centre of Lisbon. This bakery is not fannying about and has opened a second branch in the Baixa within 2 years.

Fabrica da nata binnenin

In the shop / factory you will find one of the tastiest pastéis de nata: they are crunchy and creamy but do not taste too much like egg. The ideal combination for the ideal bite. The price is also very attractive, 1 euro for a pastel de nata.

Different menus

There are various menus you can order. You can get a pastel de nata with a glass of port, but we advise you to keep it at coffee. We think the taste is just way better.

Pastelaria Fábrica da nata, Lissabon
If you want to taste good port (after your pastéis de nata ), cross the road towards Ascensor da Gloria and get driven to Bairro Alto. Opposite of the tram stop uphill you find Instituto Dos Vinhos Do Douro E Do Porto, here you can drink the best port wine in town.

Inside the bakery

Back to the pastéis at Fábrica da Nata: when you enter you have a small workspace on the left where the pastries get their nata. It’s nice to see how this works and with a bit of luck the baker is preparing the pastéis.

Fabrica da nata keuken
Pay attention to the automatic railing on the ceiling where the bakeware for the pie is passed to be filled with the delicious nata.

I think this pastel de nata is just as good as Pastéis de Belém. The advantage is that you do not have to travel to Belém. In terms of price / quality, I think this bakery is also slightly better. This is mainly because the pastel is still delicious the next day.

Fábrica da Nata is the number 2 in our great Pastéis de Nata test.

Where do you find Fábrica da Nata

Praça dos Restauradores 62, Baixa
Rua Augusta 275, Baixa
Opening hours: every day from 08:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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