Dois Corvos – Local craft beer with international allure

A stone’s throw from the centre of Lisbon, about 10 minutes by taxi or Uber, you’ll find Lisbon’s most famous craft beer brewery: Dois Corvos. The tasting room is where it all started in 2013.

Dois Corvos - muurtekening ingang

Old industrial area

We came here with a rental car and if you drive into this part of Lisbon, on the west side between Parque das Nações and the city centre, you can immediately see that there used to be a lot of small-scale industry happening here. You’ll still find wood traders, scrappers and small transportation companies here. And of course our new friends from Dois Corvos.

The beers of Dois Corvos are pretty well known and wanted in Portugal, so the small-ish brewery on Rua Capitão Leitão is no longer sufficient to maintain the needed production levels. To give you an idea, the first time I had one of their beers was in a small but touristic village in the Algarve, far from Lisbon.

Dois Corvos - overzicht bar

Moving the production

That’s why the brewery moved to a new location at the beginning of 2019, about 2 kilometres away. Most of the production takes place at the new location. At the old location they started smaller batches and other small-scale projects. And this is where they will keep their tasting room for the time being, as mentioned above, so if you want to get to know the beers that Dois Corvos makes today in a nice atmosphere, this is the place to be.

Dois Corvos - zijkant bar
The decoration of the tasting room is as you might expect: hip, basic and functional. There are about ten American style booths where you can enjoy both the beers and a small snack. Think cheeses, crisps and sausages, similar to what other brewpubs, like Duque Brewpub offers.
Dois Corvos - muurtekening

Fine offer on tap

On tap you can find about 13 beers all year round. Most of them are from Dois Corvos, but you will also regularly come across interesting collabs here. These are collaborations, beers that originate from a collaboration with another brewery. When we were there in August 2019, they had a very tasteful collaboration with Brouwerij Frontaal from Breda in the Netherlands: the Guanabana Mañana, an extremely hazy smoothie IPA with tons of tropical fruit and some nice bitterness.
Dois Corvos - bar
We tried their flight with 5 small glasses of our choice, in total 5x12cl. Costs? Only €9,20, or about £8. Great price of course, and the beers were great! We had a couple of IPA’s, a Saison and a couple of good porters and had a great time!

Ahead in Lisbon’s craft beer scene

It is obvious that Dois Corvos with both the craft style and with their attractive beers responds to the trend that is currently going on. There are a lot of small breweries around, but this one is something special. They are definitely one of the frontrunners of Lisbon’s craft scene and therefore not to be missed if you like a delicious and unique beer!

How to get to Dois Corvos

10 minutes from Rossio by Uber or take an electric scooter.

Address: Rua Capitão Leitão 94, Marvila
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 2 – 11 a.m. | Friday and Saturday: 2 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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