Creme de Pastel de Nata – Cream liqueur without bite?

While shopping in the neighbourhood of Sintra, I noticed a beautiful package containing a bottle of Licor 35 Creme de Pastel de Nata. Liquid pastéis de nata !? We had to try this immediately!

Fles creme de Pastel de Nata

From our big pastéis de nata test you can tell that we really like pastéis de nata and we’re pretty picky about which one’s the best and where it is for sale.

The smell of pasteis de nata

When I open the box of the bottle, the smell of cinnamon greets me. It reminds me of a pastel de nata I just bought at the bakery. Good first impressions!

I often have these thoughts when I smell cinnamon at random moments. The pleasant scent of the cinnamon comes through the bag at the bottom of the package of the bottle.

The drink

When the bottle is opened, the cinnamon smell is gone and gives way to an alcohol smell. When poured, a beautiful cream-coloured drink reveals itself.

But when I take a sip I am somewhat disappointed. If you don’t know that it’s Licor 35 Creme the Pastel de Nata you’re drinking, you won’t taste the difference with something similar, like Baileys for example. Even with a little bit of cinnamon, it does not get much better.

Glas creme de pastel de nata

Opinions are divided

My disappointment is not shared by my boyfriend. Even a second glass (this time with cinnamon) was met with great enthusiasm.

Perhaps it’s because of the smell when opening the package when I made the association with pastel de nata, and subsequently miss the crackling of the dough when I take a sip. But maybe it’s also because I’m not a fan of cream and alcohol drinks anyway.

When I want to imagine myself in Portugal, I prefer to make a Caipirão.

Also for sale outside Portugal

Did you try this liqueur in Lisbon and want more, but afraid a bottle won’t fit in your suitcase? You can order a bottle at various liquor stores online or maybe even nearby.

Licor 35

The drink is fairly new, the makers of the drink got their inspiration for this during a wine tour in Germany. Their train of thought was to combine an ancient tradition (pastéis de nata as food), charisma and passion in a bottle: Licor 35 Creme de Pastel de Nata.

In addition to drinking it purely, they recommend adding the liqueur to a cocktail or a dash in your coffee.

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