Cervejaria Trindade – lunch in an old monastery

The moment you stand outside the restaurant, you would never guess that behind the relatively simple façade of Cervejaria Trindade in Bairro Alto there is an unexpectedly large restaurant.


As soon as you walk past the bar and aquariums with lobsters and shellfish, you suddenly realise how immense this place is. High ceilings, beautiful tiles on the walls and a lovely hollow sound, as you’d expect from a monastery.

An eventful history

Cervejaria Trindade started as a monastery in 1294. After being inhabited by monks for centuries, the building was given a very different function in the mid-19th century: it became a brewery (there’s a “heavenly” pun in here). Since 1934 it’s been functioning a restaurant.

Cervejaria da Trindade Interieur

Although sometimes you’ll share a meal with maybe hundreds of people at the same time, you can feel the serenity of this holy ground. The waiters wear monk’s outfits. If you listen carefully you will hear the music of monks singing psalms in the background.

The menu of Cervejaria Trindade

The food is really delicious at Cervejaria Trindade! We have been told by locals that the fish is not the best here. Far enough, since their meat dishes are outstanding.

Cervejaria Trinade food with  mousse de chocolat

The bifes (beef), no matter which one you choose, are just fingerlicking good! The (cream) sauce you have to order separately, do yourself a favour and choose the molho Trindade.

Cervejaria Trinade kids menu
Cervejaria Trindade also has a children’s menu. Our tip is the small piece of bife with potatoes, spinach and tomato salsa. Your kid will also get a drink (water) and a dessert of choice: Flan, chocolate mousse or fruit.

For dessert I always go for the Mousse de Chocolat, it’s one of the best chocolate mousses I’ve ever tasted. Fluffy enough not to get too heavy on the stomach, but that wonderfully rich taste of chocolate. Highly recommended!

Restaurant Cervejaria Trindade, Lisbon

The price?

Cervejaria Trindade is not your cheapest option. We usually pay around £35-40,- for a lunch for 2, bottle of wine included. That kind of money will buy you a meal for 4 people elsewhere in the city. But you get a lot in return. The ambiance, friendly service and top quality food!

How to get to Cervejaria da Trindade

Adress: Rua Nova da Trindade 20 C, Bairro Alto
Openings Hours: daily van 12:00 – 00:00H.

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