Café A Brasileira – A bica with Pessoa

Café A Brasileira is located between the Bairro Alto and Chiado districts. It’s one of the oldest cafes in Lisbon. In the old days Portuguese writers like Fernando Pessoa, Aquilino Ribeiro and Alfredo Pimenta exchanged ideas and inspiration here.

Fernando Pessoa is still sitting outside, at the terrace, ready to have his picture taken with you.

A Brasileira pessao buiten

Café A Brasileira in Lisbon

If you want your coffee for local prices, order your bica at the bar and drink it there, standing. It’s probably about 50 cents cheaper than when you sit at a table inside and even 70 cents cheaper than having it at a table outside.

You’ll find these price differences for a bica in most cafes in Lisbon.

A Brasileira mozaik

Origin of the Bica

A Brasileira was the first café were you could buy ‘a bica‘. The interior of the café is Art Deco style with a green and golden façade. The walls are made of glass and there are candlesticks in the cafe. The stylish decoration and the rich history ensure that many tourists like to come here, despite the at times unfriendly and poor service.

A Brasleira - binnen
The pastel de nata from A Brasileira is okay, but certainly not the best we have tasted in Lisbon. The taste is a bit dull, flat. They are best eaten with lots of cinnamon.

Café A Brasileira is the number 10 in our large Pastéis de Nata test »

Hoe kom je bij A Brasileira

Adress: Rua Garrett 122, Chiado
Opening hours: daily 8 – 2 a.m.

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