Bettina & Niccolo Corallo – passion for coffee and chocolate

Bettina & Niccolo Corallo have a great passion for coffee and chocolate and have combined these two delicacies in their down to earth coffee bar.

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Good coffee with something tasty

On the other side of the road of Jardim Príncipe Real you can find Bettina & Niccolo Corallo.
When you enter this coffee house, you’re greeted with the smell of good coffee and delicious chocolate. Besides the cup of coffee that you have, you obviously also buy a bag of chocolate (Our excuse? It was meant to be eaten at home, but somehow before we left Principe Real the bag was already empty).

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Own plantation

The Corallo family has a cocoa and coffee plantation on the island of São Tome & Príncipe a former colony of Portugal.

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Their philosophy is that products will only taste great when they are in harmony with nature and the people who live in that nature.

Delicious coffee

Nearly on every corner in Lisbon you can get a fantastic bica (espresso). So why would you go to Bettina & Niccolo Corallo for coffee? The reason is because it is really good coffee: full, strong and delicious in taste. And of course a nice extra is that you get a decent piece of chocolate (of your choice).

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Pure, pure & pure

At Bettina & Niccolo Corallo they only sell chocolate with at least 75% cocoa. But in different types of flavors such as orange, caramel or sea salt.
Their famous sorbet is made of 100% chocolate, water and sugar. Lovely to drink these on a hot day. On colder days you order their famous chocolate milk. You need to know that these are also purely chocolate – no milk is added.

Coffee with chocolate

Those interested in chocolate in their coffee should order a mochaccino (cappuccino with chocolate) or an affogato (cocoa sorbet with an espresso).

Where to find Bettina & Niccolo Corallo

Address: Rua da Escola Politécnica 4, Príncipe Real
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Sunday closed

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