Bairru’s Bodega – quiet wine bar in Bairro Alto

Most people know this about the Bairro Alto district: the later it gets, the more noise it produces. Loud music from bars or people talking (loudly) in the streets. What I missed was a place where they serve good wine and where you can have a good conversation. We found that place, in Bairru’s Bodega.

Bairrus bodega bairro alto ingang

Bairru’s Bodega is different from the other bars in the street – besides the fact that it is a quiet place to go with friends you can also find really good wine here, where most places in Bairro Alto mainly serve beers and Caipirinhas.

Wine or Sangria

On the bar are three very large lemonade taps, this is Sangria. The choice is to have Sangria with cava, white wine or red wine. I went for the cava and it was delicious.

Bairru Bodega Bairro Alto bar

Behind the bar are many types of wines, you can have the staff choose but if you have a favorite Portuguese wine region, just let the bartender know and they will serve you a good wine. Even though almost all wines in Portugal are delicious, when you go out for drinks you sometimes can get less spectacular wines. At Bairru’s Bodega this is not the case at all.

Bairru bodega Bairro Alto mensen zitten binnen

You’ll be amazed at the prices: for a glass of wine you only pay 1.75 euros. The sangria was slightly more expensive, 2 euros.

Early bird

Bairru’s Bodega opens its doors earlier than other bars. There are a few chairs with old wine barrels in front of the corner building. It is also possible to order a light snack such as cheese or ham with your drink.

Bairrus Bodega wand

If after a hearty dinner you are not ready to go out into the nightlife just yet, have a glass of wine in this fine bodega first!

Where to find Bairru’s Bodega

Address: Rua da Barroca 3, Bairro Alto
Opening hours: Friday – Saturday: 10 p.m. – 3 a.m.| Tuesday – Thursday: 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. Sunday and Monday closed.

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