A Padaria Portuguesa – the bakery near you

In practically every district of Lisbon you’ll find at least one branch of A Padaria Portuguesa. The first establishment was opened in 2010 with the aim of reviving the tradition of good bakers, in a modern way.

A padeira alcantara
In recent years, the company has grown enormously and you can find A Padaria Portuguesa bakeries not only in the city of Lisbon but also increasingly in the suburbs and larger cities around Lisbon.

Large and tasty selection

We really like to go to A Padaria Portuguesa. There’s so much choice that everyone in our family usually leaves this place with a full belly. A Padaria Portuguesa has more than thirty kinds of bread and sweet and savoury pastries. They also have a menu for light meals, such as soups, sandwiches and salads.

A padeira brood
We love their savoury pastries like croquettes de carne or chamuça. Their pastéis de nata are also okay, but the main reason we come here is Pão de Deus (God’s bread). It is a brioche-like roll with coconut. The weird thing is that I don’t really like coconut at all in my food, but somehow I can’t get enough of these sandwiches!

If you have a really sweet tooth then you will be seduced by the delicious looking cakes on the counter. We’ve tasted lots of them and they’re all delicious, but the chocolate caramel takes the crown.

A Padeira Luis

Besides bread, pies and soup you can also go to A Padaria Portuguesa for a bica (coffee), tea, fresh orange juice or a soda.

Different locations

Almost all branches have the same interior, which makes the stores of the A Padaria Portuguesa chain easy to recognize. If you arrive at the store in the Príncipe Real district, you will notice that the interior is slightly different. This branch was the 40th shop of A Padaria Portuguesa and has a slightly more refined look. There are more vintage objects and decorations on the walls.

A padeira principe real
Not all branches have a seating area, but most of them do. The staff is usually very friendly and helpful. And what’s also nice for your holiday budget: the prices are reasonably low.

No matter if you fancy savoury or sweet, A Padaria Portuguesa has something for everyone.

Where to find A Padaria Portuguesa

Opening hours daily from 07 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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