Praia do Magoito – child friendly and quiet beach

This beautiful beach should not be missed if you decide to drive out of than Lisbon. At less than 45 minutes drive, just north of Sintra, you can take a dive at Praia do Magoito. This is one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen in Europe!

Praia do Magoito

The beach is very relaxed and when the wind comes from the east it’s almost completely calm on the beach because of the large rocks that you have behind you. The people on the beach are a mix of sunbathers, young people getting together, parents with their children and a handful of tourists and surfers.

elongated beaches

At low tide you can walk the beach very far, from north to south it is more than 2 kilometers (almost 1,5 miles). Because the beach is so long, there is sufficient space in the high season to spend an afternoon or a whole day on the beach.

Praia do Maigoto rotsen

Another perk is that it is easy to park your car. If there’s no parking space on Estrada de Santa Maria (the access road to Praia do Magoito) then there is a possibility at the end of the road (keep right) to park your car. The only thing is that you have to walk 5 minutes before you can put your towel on the beach.

Baby and child proof

We like to go to this beach, especially with our daughters, because there is often a natural pool created by the small river that ends at this beach. Small kids can safely play here. What makes it very relaxed and easy, is that when you visit this beach with a stroller, there is a ramp for disabled people (by the way, a stroller also comes in handy to transport all the beach stuff). If you use the ramp, then it is convenient to park at Estrada de Santa Maria.

Praia do Maigoto vader en kind

Access through the steep road

You can also choose the steep walking path that passes the restaurant Marisqueira Duna Mar to get to the beach. But even without children, this is a challenge. Especially if you have just spent a few hours in the sun and have become languid.

Geology or natural history

For those who are interested in geology and / or natural history, there is a dune on the north side of the beach, near the access road Estrada de Santa Maria. A sand dune has been formed there during the last century by the sea and wind. The ramp has also been built here.

Praia do Magoito kind en moeder

Enjoy your meal

Praia do Magoito has a restaurant on the boulevard: Marisqueira Duna Mar. The food there is excellent, but it’s not cheap by all means. If you want to keep the costs low, bring your own lunch to Praia do Magoito because there’s nothing else than this restaurant to buy a snack or a drink.

The beach is about a mile and a half from the town of Magoito. If you come after lunchtime (or if you leave the beach at dinner time), stop at restaurant Moinho Ibérico in the town of Magoito. The food here is excellent and certainly not expensive.

How to get to Praia do Magoito

From Lisbon this beach is about 45 minutes away. Take the A5, N117, A37 / IC19 and A16 to Algueirão-Mem Martins. Take exit 8 from the A16.

Take the N247, R. 25 de Abril, Estr. Antonio Henriques Rodrigues Maximiano and Av. Nossa Sra. da Esperança to the R. do Chão Verde in São João das Lampas

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