Surfing paradise Praia do Guincho: discover the best spots

PraiadoGuincho people on the beach

Praia do Guincho is the most rugged beach of the Costa de Lisboa and is known as one of Portugal’s ultimate surf spots. Due to the beach’s location, there is always a strong wind and the waves are quite high. Besides surfing, there is plenty of space for swimming, walking, and enjoying the many restaurants in the area.

Discover the protected dune area within walking distance of the beach
Across the main road, there is a protected dune area where you can enjoy lovely walks. This is not like the dunes we are used to; it is more like an extensive dune plain with a wooden walkway through it. There are short and long routes available. The path is easily walkable, even with a stroller, although you might have to lift it occasionally at the stairs.

Indulge in luxury and star cuisine at Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho
Close to the beach is a 17th-century fort, now home to the five-star Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho. The hotel boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant. From the fort, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. If your budget allows, a visit to this restaurant is highly recommended, as well as a stay at the hotel. There are several dining options near the hotel, although dining here is not cheap. However, the atmosphere, the view, and the food definitely make it worthwhile.

Taste the Guincho Burgers: lunch at Bar Guincho on the beach
At the beach, you’ll find Bar Guincho, a fantastic spot for lunch during your beach day or when you simply feel hungry. Unlike other restaurants along the road from Cascais, this place is quite affordable. They are especially known for their Guincho Burgers with wedges, and these are definitely worth trying!

To get to Bar Guincho, follow the N247 until you see the beach. After a small bridge, you’ll see a left turn (Praia do Abano). After a bumpy road, you’ll reach the parking lot, where you can also park if you want to go to the beach. Note that during the high season, parking here is paid.

Bike Adventure along the Cascais Coastline
If you want to visit Praia do Guincho, a car is actually necessary due to limited public transportation. Using public transport takes nearly 2 hours from Lisbon. A handy tip from We Heart Lisbon is to take the train from Cascais to Lisbon (a 42-minute train ride) if you want to travel by public transport, and then continue by bike. In the municipality of Cascais, there are 4 MobiCascais kiosks where you can rent a traditional bike, an electric bike, or an electric scooter for periods ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours (for scooters) or 1 day (for bikes). For current prices and locations of the MobiCascais kiosks, you can visit the website. Once on the bike, follow the 9 km bike path

Facilities at Praia do Guincho

Lifeguard: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Showers: Yes
Rentals: Yes
Bar or Restaurant: Yes
Accessible: Yes
Parking: Yes
Public Transport: No (Train form Lisbon to Cascais)

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