Praia da Conceição – largest beach in Cascais

The largest beach of Cascais is Praia da Conceição and from Lisbon you can be there by train in less than 40 minutes.

Praia da Conceição panorama

When you’re walking out of the train station you can be on the beach within 10 minutes.

Clean and clear water

Take your snorkel set with you to this beach! The water is clear blue and usually there are few to no waves. Ideal for snorkeling along the coast. You can make a small snorkel tour, from Praia da Conceição to Praia da Rainha and on to Praia da Ribeira. At the latter beach you should pay attention though as this is where fishing boats are.

Praia da Conceição vanuit boulevard

The beach is also very clean. Remarkable about this is that there are not so many garbage bins around, only the ones at the stairs when you enter the beach.

Bar do Praia: beach beds, food and more

At Bar de Praia you can rent sunbeds for a whole day (from 9.30 am). Two sunbeds and a parasol will cost around 20 euros (£17). It doesn’t matter whether you come at half past nine or at 4PM, the twenty euros is a fixed price.

Praia da Conceição bar
At Bar de Praia you can order food and drinks – unfortunately not from your comfortable beach chair. The dishes are simple but tasteful. Besides the typical Portuguese dishes you can also order salad, pizza or pasta.

The drinks menu is varied, from beer to wine, from soft drinks to fruit juices and of course cocktails.

If you rent sunbeds, you can go to the bathrooms of Bar do Praia for free all day long. Otherwise you pay 50 cents (in high season).

So much to do!

The beach has many facilities within walking distance. Within 5 minutes you walk into the city center of Cascais in.
If you want a short walk you can reach the boulevard via the neighbouring beach Praia da Duquesa. From there it’s a comfortable walk to Estoril.

Around the corner – when you walk towards Estoril – you will find a natural sea pool, another great place to take a splash!

Praia da Conceição cascais
At Praia da Conceição you can rent paddles and board to explore the area. Because the water is usually so calm, that is a fun thing to do. For 15€ (£13) per hour you can rent a board. Even more fun is to book a tour for 35€ (£30) per hour. More information about renting a board can be found on the website of surf ‘n paddle.

Child-friendly beach

We were on the beach with our toddler and baby. Because the water is so calm, it is a nice beach to be with children.
Praia da Conceição - kleuter
Towards hotel Albatros there is a small low cliff where our toddler could go on an adventure, climbing and clambering with the risk of a little seawater coming along the rocks.

The mix between locals (in the majority) and tourists is very pleasant. This beach is certainly one of our favorite places.

Where to find Praia da Conceição

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